Culture Shock


Well, I’m here. The flight, although long, wasn’t completely unpleasant. The food was okay and I didn’t get sick from it which is always a plus. When I hit the ground, I had the strangest sensation of numbness. It was as though the week leading up to leaving, the flight and now finally being here were all a dream. After getting my bags and walking outside I was even more sure it was a dream. I felt as if I had just stepped off the plane in Florida in the middle of the day. That’s right, when I arrived at ten thirty at night, it was just above eight degrees with seventy five percent humidity.

Being at Peking University has been a huge change as well. Talk about culture shock. Coming from such a small school and such a small campus, trying to find my way around here is like being in a maze… only scarier. You most definitely have to have your wits about you. There are cars and taxis flying through the streets, bikes and mopeds fill the roads, horns are blaring and finally, there are no sidewalks. So, not only am I trying to find my way around this huge campus (and when I say huge, you could fit many Linfields within this one campus), I am also trying to not become road kill.

Finally, last night, my first official night here in China, my roommate’s mom took us all out for dinner at a hotpot restaurant. If I continue to eat like I did last night, I will come home a blimp! It was great food and great fun which was perfect for me as I was at the “I’m feeling homesick” point in my journey. Hopefully that will go away soon and I can thoroughly enjoy my stay. I plan on seeing and experiencing everything I can. Now, if only I could find a way to do that and not spend a lot of money….

~ Ashley


One thought on “Culture Shock

  1. I hope you spend a LOT of time in those hotpots!! You could use some fattening up! Love ya girl and can’t wait to see you at Xmas for all the pics. and stories!!


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