Bad Luck


Not much has happened here over the last few days.  For the most part, my schedule has consisted of going to class and doing homework. I did have a new class Wednesday night but I am not sure about it yet. The teacher was very dry and constantly got off topic. Now, I have had teachers who got off topic before but usually it has some relevance to the topic we were previously talking about. This professor will go off on a random tangent but by the time the rest of us in the class catch up to what he is talking about (his English is not very good and he has a very heavy accent) we haven’t a clue of how we got there or how this relates to the class. Hopefully the class will get better as the semester goes along because this professor seems to have a lot of practical business experience and I believe I could learn a lot from him.

Chinese class is still just as difficult but tomorrow is our fun day. Earlier this week, our professor taught us the customs and the language of how to order a meal in a Chinese restaurant. So, tomorrow (Friday) she is taking us all out to lunch and having us order for her. There are rumors that this is supposed to be an all Chinese lunch, meaning we are not allowed to speak English. We will see how that goes.

Yesterday I met with a friend who I had met the last time I came to China is high school. She took me out, showed me around Beijing and eventually took me to buy a camera charger. It was really nice to see her since it has been almost five years since the last time we saw each other. Hopefully I will have a chance to see her again.

Finally, I suppose I should report on my bad luck. I got an email from the program director here a China Studies Institute stating that I had the wrong visa. Apparently, the company I purchased the visa from gave me the wrong visa so after 30 days from when I entered the country, I will technically be in China illegally and they will deport me.  This means that I have to apply for a residency permit here in China and boy is it a hassle. Not only does it cost almost $200, I have to go to a hospital to get a physical, go to the police station to get proof of residency and finally, apply for the permit. I will say that although this is extremely frustrating and I might have to cancel one of the around China trips I was planning on taking, I am trying to view this in a positive light. It will be an experience trying to get this all done by myself. Perhaps it will even improve my Chinese. Hopefully, everything will turn out alright.



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