I’m sick. Unfortunately, I woke up Monday morning feeling terrible and by the end of the day, my body had been completely overtaken by a nasty head cold. Despite the many suggestions by Chinese friends and teachers, I decided not to go to the hospital and instead just slept. You see, in China, people go to the hospital for everything. If a Chinese person were to come down with a sore throat, a headache, a stomach ache or any other sort of aliment that left them feeling abnormal, they would go to the hospital. The Chinese seem to take health care very seriously. Pretty much anywhere you go you will find a 24 hour drug store. Also, if you are sick, it is almost a requirement to wear a mask. I have never seen people flee from me as fast as when I told them I was sick. You would think I had the bubonic plague or something.

After lots of sleep, lots of Chinese chicken noodle soup, lots of Chinese hot cocoa and a Diablo date (it is a computer game for those who don’t know) with my boyfriend, I am feeling a lot better. On the positive side, being sick gave me an excuse to stay on campus during the anti-Japanese riots. Interesting thing about these riots, a recent statistic told that over half of the rioters had no anti-Japan sentiments. They were simply there because there was nothing better to do that night. There are other interesting rumors circling around the academic field that perhaps the riots are being encouraged by a higher governing power. I will not; however, state this as a fact. There have just been some interesting stories and pictures. This is most definitely an interesting time to be in China, if not a little scary. We will just have to wait and see if these problems are solved or if they will escalate while I am here.

As for the rest of my week, I am just planning on recovering from my cold, going bartering with my Chinese class, and taking a trip somewhere around Beijing this weekend. Hopefully it will be a fun ending to a not so fun week.

Thanks for reading!



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