Leaving for Chengde


Chengde is almost here! Tomorrow I leave for a three day vacation to a mountain resort in Chengde, China.  From the sound of it, the location we are staying at sounds beautiful. My only concern is that the day before we get to Chengde, we are stopping overnight at a rural village near a section of the Great Wall. Although I believe this will be an incredible experience, I am worried about the bathroom. Apparently, our group, along with entire village will be sharing one bathroom. To make matters worse, the bathroom is a squatter. For those of you who don’t know, it is basically a porcelain hole in the ground. However, if this village is anything like the village I visited last time I was in China, there will be no porcelain hole but rather, a wooded deck with a hole in the middle. No disrespect to the Chinese but I don’t think I will ever get used to squatters.

As for the beginning of this week, it was not very exciting. It consisted of homework, sleeping, class and eating. It seems as if I have finally fallen into school mode. Despite the strange surroundings and the horribly hard beds, I could almost believe I was back at Linfield going through the daily motions of this life I call college.

Finally, don’t forget, October first is the national holiday here in China! If you can find them, I suggest you all celebrate it by buying and consuming a mooncake!

Thus ends this blog post. Short but sweet.

~ Ashley


One thought on “Leaving for Chengde

  1. Hey Ashley!

    It’s me Sam from Chinese class back at Linfield. Tyler showed my your blog posts, and they’re very fun to read! I hope the bathroom situation pans out during the rest of your stay. So this excursion that you’re on, part of the school trip, or something you did on your own?
    By the way, are you taking the international finance class there?
    How’s the food?
    Can’t wait to hear back from you when you can.

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