Ramblings of the Week


As I stated in my last post, this last weekend I went to the Forbidden City. I have been to the Forbidden City once before but for some reason, this time it seemed so much bigger. My little group explored the area for almost two hours and we still probably only saw half of it. It was interesting being there again as it brought back a lot of memories. As we were walking around I would see a building or artwork of some sort and it would strike a feeling of déjà vu. The most interesting memories I had were those pertaining to the historical significance of certain aspects of the city. For example, the Forbidden City has 9,999 rooms within it. The reasoning behind this was that 10,000 was considered the number of the Gods. Since the emperors believed that they was simply a step underneath the Gods, they felt entitled to 9,999 rooms. Also, the roofs of the Forbidden City are painted in gold as that was the color of the emperor and the Gods. As the day went on, I honestly began to feel like a tour guide for my group.

After our exploration, we all decided to head over to Wu Dao Kou to grab something to eat. We ended up at Steps, a local hangout, where we all scarfed down huge 汉堡包(hànbǎo bāo)or hamburgers. Not only were the hamburgers good, their fries were amazing. Lucky for some, unlucky for me since I have class, Steps has 15yuan hamburgers on Mondays. I think I may have to have some of my friends pick me up one and bring it to me in class. I believe it would be incentive enough to continue to survive my three hour class. After walking back, we all went back to our dorms, our tummies full of food, and watched movies for the rest of the night. Overall, I would say that it was a good afternoon and night.

I am not sure how the semester flew by so quickly but on Sunday I sat down to make a To Do list and found out that I have a lot to do. I have two research papers, a group project, book report and a lecture to prepare all due within the next three weeks. Thus, Sunday and Monday became homework days. Luckily I got a good chunk of it accomplished so I am not as stressed out now but I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

In my last post, I mentioned having a midterm that was supposed to be a surprise. I will admit that I was nervous for it. It was; however, a lot of fun! Our teacher split us up into groups and gave each group a stack of newspapers and twenty-five minutes to build some sort of structure as tall we could. He gave us certain rules we had to abide by and then let us go. I will say, with pride, my group won! The teacher had stated at the beginning that whichever team won would receive the A for the midterm; whether he was joking or not, I have no clue.

Now, it is the end of another week and the weekend is here. Today I spent the first half of the day at a tea house learning how to make tea/serve tea. Surprisingly enough, it is actually pretty complicated. There are quite a few steps if you want to do it the correct way. As for the second part of the day, I spent it debating whether or not America is in decline. Although I always love a good debate, this one got a little heated and thus, I was glad when it was over. According to the judges, the other side won but considering they copy and pasted a transcript from a television program talking about how America is in decline and used that as for their opening statements, arguments and closing statements, I think our side should get more credit than we were given.

After it was over, my roommate and I decided we needed to unwind and thus we walked out to Wu Dao Kou and got 15yuan Burritos at La Bamba. I feel as if I am turning into such a city girl. I am constantly on the outlook for discount food days, I am a pro at hailing taxis, I can stroll across a busy street without flinching and I walk everywhere. Whether becoming a city girl is good or bad, I haven’t decided yet.

Well, I am off to go do some homework so I can play tomorrow. Thanks again for reading!

Until next time,



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